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      海爾欣·昕甬智測在WMO- Global Greenhouse Gas Watch會議上發表主題報告

      更新日期:2023-10-09      點擊次數:333

      10月3日,WMO的“全球溫室氣體觀測"研討會在日內瓦順利召開。本次研討會的目的是為成員國和伙伴組織制定有關全面綜合觀測系統的指導,以支持全球溫室氣體觀察(GGGW)的實施 。

      On October 3rd, the " Global Greenhouse Gas Watch" seminar organized by WMO was successfully held in Geneva. The purpose of this workshop is to develop guidance from and to Member countries and partner organizations regarding the comprehensive integrated observing system that would support the implementation of the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch (GGGW).





      10月5日,寧波海爾欣光電科技有限公司作為國內溫室氣體儀器優秀生產商受邀參會,并在第5次會議——觀察網絡實施情況專題會議上,發表了相關主題報告。海爾欣總經理王胤博士針對公司品牌“昕甬智測"HT8850便攜式高精度溫室氣體分析儀,發表了題為《A portable laser-based gas analyzer for simultaneous measurements of N2O, CH4 and CO2》的報告,向參會人介紹了HT8850的工作原理、測試表現與實際應用,展示了企業是如何支持觀測系統的發展。HT8850以其精準、高效的特點,受到了到場專家學者的一致認可。

      On October 5th,HealthyPhoton Technology Co., Ltd., as a prominent domestic manufacturer of greenhouse gas instruments, was invited to attend the conference. During the 5th session, which focused on Observing network implementation, Dr. Wang Yin, the General Manager of HealthyPhoton, delivered a thematic presentation on the company's brand and its HT8850 All-in-one Portable GHG Analyzers. The presentation was titled "A portable laser-based gas analyzer for simultaneous measurements of N2O, CH4, and CO2". Dr. Wang introduced the working principle, testing performance, and practical applications of HT8850 to the attendees, demonstrating how the company support the scale up of the observing system. With its precision and efficiency, HT8850 received unanimous recognition from the attending experts and scholars.



      Under the dual pressures of environmental protection and carbon neutrality, this instrument not only showcases technological innovation but also emphasizes corporate social responsibility. HealthyPhoton will continue its mission to Innovation for Green Life, with technological innovation as the driving force, we aim to achieve more timely and accurate scientific measurements, contributing to the national goal of "carbon neutrality."